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Which Bathroom Faucet Is Best for You?

Bathroom sink fixtures

You deserve a spa-like bathroom that feels like an oasis. The smallest details can make the biggest difference when it comes to adding a luxurious touch to the room.

With a bathroom renovation, don't ignore details such as the bathroom sink fixtures. The right faucet can make all the difference when it comes to the aesthetic and the function of your bathroom.

With a variety of sink fixtures available, it can be a challenge to know which one is the best for you. Not every faucet goes with all types of sinks, but this guide will help you understand which to choose for your bathroom.

Sink Style

First, you must consider the style of sink you have or will have in your bathroom. As certain sinks will require certain faucets, you'll have a better idea of what your options are.

Some types of sinks are restrictive in the kind of faucet that will work with them. Vessel sinks often require tall faucets because of the tall sink edges. Pedestal sinks tend to come with pre-drilled holes that limit options.

Other sinks, like undermount and drop-in, allow for much more variety when it comes to choosing the faucet.

Faucet Mounts

You should also consider where the bathroom faucet will be mounted. There are wall-mounted faucets which are attached to the bathroom wall. These can look modern and sophisticated with the right faucet.

Faucets can also be mounted on the countertop or vanity. This is often best for undermount and drop-in sinks.

Lastly, faucets can be mounted on the sink itself. This is common with pedestal sinks.

Style of Faucet

Faucet style isn't necessarily about the aesthetic but more about the number and position of holes. There are single-hole, centre-set, and wide-set faucets. Single-hole faucets only require one hole, while the others require three.

With single-hole faucets, there is a single-level handle that lifts to turn on the water and turns to either side to control the temperature. Single-hole faucets are best for small bathrooms.

Both centre-set and wide-set faucets have a spout with handles for temperature on either side. Centre-set has the spout and handles huddled close together. Wide-set has the spout and handles spread further apart.

Faucet Finish

Finally, consider the finish. There are different metal finishes that can come polished, brushed, or matte.

Chrome and nickel are popular universal options. Brass evokes an elevated traditional aesthetic, while black tends to be more contemporary.

Bathroom Sink Fixtures Make All the Difference

Whether you're in the middle of a total bathroom renovation or a simple cosmetic upgrade, the small details make the difference. Choosing the right bathroom sink fixtures can make the room feel more well-designed.

Understanding the right faucet to pair with your sink and bathroom will increase the aesthetic and function. Transform your bathroom into an oasis with the small details.

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