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Cultured Marble Bases and Walls

Cultured Marble Bases and Walls in Whitby

Cultured marble is a combination of resins and stone particles which can be produced in different colors and patterns. This durable product is easy to maintain and adds beauty to your bathroom. We display cultured marble from Mr. Marble.

Advantages of Using Cultured Marbles

Cultured marbles are popular and appreciated for the following reasons:

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A lot of character and depth can be added to the bathroom, as the marble is available in various patterns and veining

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This kind of marble is non-porous, and hence resistant to stains and mildew

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The cultured marbles can be customized as well

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It’s low maintenance, as it can be easily cleaned with non-abrasive products

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It is economical compared to slab marble

Wooden furbished bathroom with a shower room, drawers, mirror, and overhead lighting

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