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Kitchen Faucets

Plumbing & Parts Home Centre: Upgrade Your Kitchen Faucets in Whitby

We carry a variety of styles and finishes, including brushed nickel, stainless steel and matte black. Whether you are looking for a standard kitchen faucet or something more advanced with a pull-down vegetable sprayer, we are confident we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for at our shop.

Our goal is to provide you with faucets that enhance the look of your kitchen and meet your practical needs with ease of use. We are here to guide you in selecting the perfect design to suit your requirements. Our high-quality kitchen faucets can add elegance and luxury to your kitchen while increasing its functionality.

Visit our store today to choose from an extensive collection of faucets and other products. We serve customers in Whitby, Durham Region and the GTA.

Brands We Carry

Our showroom stocks kitchen faucets of numerous brands which include:

A faucet installed on a white countertop with two embedded sinks

Clean and Fresh Kitchens with a Garbage Disposal

From meal prep to cleanup, an InSinkErator® helps make it fast and easy to keep your kitchen clean. Come in and talk to one of our associates to see if a garbage disposal is right for your kitchen.

Kitchen Faucet Options in Whitby, Durham Region and the GTA

Transforming the appearance of your kitchen can be as simple as replacing your faucets, but choosing the perfect option requires careful consideration of several factors. The choice of finish and type depends on handle quantity, spout size, and shape. Popular options include single-handle, double-handle, touchless, stationary, pull-down, pull-out, straight spout, and gooseneck spout faucets.

  • Pull-down faucets:

Among different faucet types, pull-down faucets are the most popular choice. These elegant "gooseneck" faucets come in various rustic designs, making them a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. Their dramatic height makes them a preferred choice among interior decorators and designers


Pull-down faucets are easy to operate as you only need to pull down the spout for use.

  • Pull-out faucets:

If you prefer a classic design, pull-out faucets resembling deck-mounted faucets might be your top choice. They offer a traditional look and feel that's suitable for any kitchen.

Remember that pull-out faucets occupy more headroom and may not be the best option if there isn't enough space above the sink.

  • Single-handle faucets:

These require fewer pre-drilled holes in the sink and take up less space than double-handle faucets. However, it can be more difficult to adjust the water flow and temperature.

  • Double-handle faucets:

These allow separate control of hot and cold water but require more space and pre-drilled holes.

  • Touchless faucets:

They eliminate the need to touch the faucet, making them convenient when hands are dirty, but they come at a premium price.

  • Stationary spout faucets:

These faucets have side-to-side movement and no built-in sprayer.

  • Straight spout faucets:

They extend horizontally from the body of the faucet.

  • Gooseneck spout:

These faucets curve up and over like a gooseneck, requiring more clearance above the sink.

Choose the right faucet type for your kitchen based on functionality and available space. For more information, check out our blogs or connect with us now.

How Can You Determine If It's Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet?

Usually, a kitchen faucet can last between 15 and 20 years before it requires replacement. It's important to note that issues may arise during this period but performing basic repairs can prolong the fixture's lifespan.

There are various ways to determine if your kitchen faucet needs replacement. Check for visible mineral build-up obstructing water flow and inspect for leaks. Although a leaking faucet can be repaired, multiple repairs indicate the need for a new faucet. Rust is also an indication of wear and tear, and replacing the faucet is advisable.

Revamp Your Kitchen

Looking to replace your worn-out kitchen faucets? Upgrading your kitchen doesn't require a full renovation - simply swapping out your faucet can add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Look no further than Plumbing & Parts Home Centre for a fantastic selection of classic and modern designs in Whitby, Durham Region and the GTA. Our inventory includes single, three, and four-hole faucets for easy dispensing, as well as bar and pantry sink faucets for filling pitchers. We go above and beyond to meet all your kitchen fixture needs, offering a wide selection of wall mount and bridge faucets in addition to our standard inventory.

Completing a Renovation? Ask Our Experts!

No questions are off limits at Plumbing & Parts Home Centre! If you have a question about a kitchen or bathroom project you’re working on or are searching for a specific part, our experts will be happy to assist you. Even though we don’t provide installations, we can point you in the direction of a reputable contractor(s) to give you a quote. We’re always happy to hear from our customers. Visit our shop or get in touch with us to learn more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

A faucet installed on a marble countertop near a window
Cold water flowing from faucet in clean bright bathroom

Get Your Kitchen a Quality Faucet in Durham Region and the GTA

Enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen by installing a new faucet.

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